Want To Build An Ecommerce Site
(Website) Like This One?

Here's How I Did It.

Do you want to learn to build an ecommerce site of your own?

One that might one day, provide you with a passive income stream and a pension?

If so then join the club. That's what I want to do.

And this is my website.

Well to be more truthful, this is my website at the 6 month stage.

For years I've been wanting to set up a website to work on my passion for life - helping people achieve their goals.

But I didn't - for three reasons:

    1. Because I just hadn't a clue how to do that.

    2. I didn't have any technical expertise at all, apart from very basic starter computer skills and I assumed that was necessary.

    3. Paying a website company thousands to set it up for me was not an option.

But then I came across SBI.

SBI is a community of over 40,000 people who have taken the plunge, followed the SBI recommended steps and produced utterly remarkable websites - many of which are world class.

The results, as you are about to read, speak for themselves.

So I didn't produce this website - An extraordinary company called SBI provided the tools.

Their easy to follow , highly professional video and written action guides led me every step of the way.

Choose SBI - 8 Great Reasons Why.

1) SBI sites are successful throughout the world!

I believe SBI is simply the best way in the world for ordinary people to learn how to correctly build extraordinary websites

Here's just two amazing facts:

It's so good, 35% of active SBI websites are now in the top 1% of the 100 million websites in the world today and 62% are in the top 3%!

SBI works! - Take the tour!

See the proof of SBI's success

And read what SBI'ers say themselves.

2) Proven software. A proven process.

Building a successful SBI site starts with researching the words people type into google.

You'll examine the supply of information for those keywords and construct every page on your website based on the the keywords in high demand and low supply.

That way your site will eventually get tons of natural traffic...

Find out more about the SBI online business building process here.

3) All the tools you need, in one place

SBI contains every single tool you need to build an ecommerce site successfully.

Everything you need - all in one place.

  • Web building tools
  • Keyword research tools
  • Newsletter software
  • RSS and social media capability

and so much more...

Compare SBI with other website building options

Review the tools you get with SBI

4) Experienced webmasters love SBI

Many very experienced webmasters now use SBI to build websites, abandoning many of the long established alternatives.

Here's why webmasters switch to SBI

5) Any person, or any business can use SBI

Are you a stay at home mum? Or

Do you run a

local business?

Are you a network marketer?

Or, like me, do you have knowledge, skills or a passion that you would like to share and turn into an income? In other words are you an infopreneur?

6) Beats blogging hands down!

You'll spend hours of your life blogging if that's what you are thinking of doing and to my knowledge only a few people become really successful.

But what if you could use those same hours writing and instead build up a successful online business? One that provided you with an income too?

Here' why SBI beats blogging hands down!

7) Your readers can grow your SBI site for you

Your readers can easily add content to your SBI website.

This means you can easily have a dynamic site with input from readers all over the world - just like the best of the big websites.

This capability is known as "Content 2".

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo..to name a few all have it.. but the majority of websites people build do not.

What's the advantage?

People all over the world start building your content for you.

10's, 100's and even 1000's of pages can be added to your site - more than you could ever do yourself.

In turn your website gets bigger and bigger and if well built more and more profitable...

See how SBI content 2 lets others build your pages for you.

8) Costs less than a dollar a day

SBI software is completely affordable - $29 a month! That's less than a dollar a day.

9) It's risk free too

You can try it free for a month and test it out. If you don't like it there is no charge.

The Result?

I have easily learned the basic steps of website building and have produced everything you can see on my website so far.

More importantly I can now:

  • build my online business working from home
  • help people all over the world achieve their goals
  • earn a living and
  • lay a great foundation for the future

But I must be honest. Building a website does not happen overnight.

It requires real desire, commitment and time.

But if you are really serious about building an ecommerce site and about generating an income online then there's no better way I know than with Solo Build It.

Best wishes in whatever you do!

Should you wish to purchase the Solo Build It online business building system you can order here.

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What People Are Saying:

"I would have told you I had clear goals, but as a result of the tools I saw they were not nearly as tight as they need to be if I want to quickly build my dreams".

E. Alana James

Founder - Doctoral Academy

I would highly recommend this process to think through any task that is important to you but may seem unattainable."

Myriam Cronin
Gateway Incubation Centre
University College Cork

"The discipline of working through the steps and key questions in the Smartest Goals process brings exceptional clarity and focus allowing me to achieve much more in a shorter time than I hertofore thought possible.

I would highly recommend this approach to anyone who wishes to achieve their dreams."

Helen O’Dowd
Virginia Health Foods

"I am delighted with My Smartest Goal!

I was at a bit of a crossroads in my business and I found the entire process most helpful, insightful, and inspirational!"

Fiona Foley- Gaffney
Colour Me Beautiful