List of Affirmations

9 Positive Affirmations To Help You Achieve Your Goals

To achieve any goal in life, you will find it useful to copy the list of affirmations (or positive beliefs) successful people share.

The 9 positive affirmations goal achievers share.

For years researchers have tried to figure out what it is that differentiates people who are consistently successful in achieving their goals from those who are not.

One finding is that these high achievers have one thing in common – they are all positive thinkers. They hold positive and empowering thoughts (or beliefs) in their heads from the moment they set their goals to the moment they achieve them.

What's even more interesting however is the finding that these high achievers actually share a number of very specific positive thoughts.

Why is this interesting?

It's interesting because if these positive thoughts 'work' for high achievers then they should work for you too.

Here's what they are:-

1# “I want this.”

The belief or affirmation that the goal, whatever it is, is truly wanted and truly motivating.

2#“This is possible”.

The belief that it is absolutely possible for the goal to be achieved, no matter what the scale of it.

3# “I have all the resources I need to achieve this.”

The belief that all the inner resources needed to achieve the goal are present or can be found e.g. confidence, determination...

4#“ I deserve this”.

The belief that the person setting the goal is worthy of and deserves to achieve the goal.

5#“There is no failure , only feedback”.

The belief that failure does not exist on the journey to achieving a goal. Failures are simply experiences providing useful feedback or learning opportunities.

Experience teachs you what takes you closer to your goal and what takes you further away.

(Nelson Mandela ,Christopher Columbus, John F. Kennedy...No matter what, they kept on going....)

6#“ There is a solution to every problem”.

The belief that no matter what your initial problem is, or the problems that arise along the journey of achieving your goal, there is always a solution.

(So many critical breakthroughs have been made in this world simply because someone somewhere held this belief. Peace in various parts of the world , scientific and medical breakthroughs...).

7#“Behind every behaviour is a positive intention”.

The belief that all behaviour happens for a reason that makes sense and is positive for the person involved.

For eg:

A person smokes – the possible positive intention is that it makes them relax.

A person comfort eats – the possible positive intention is it makes them feel happy immediately.

The interesting part of this belief is that holding it in your head is the critical piece, it is not necessary that it should be true. The benefits come from simply believing that it is true.

8#“ Every person is unique”.

The belief that every person is totally unique, has different life experiences, different beliefs, different values, etc

Therefore since everyone has their own unique perception or 'map of the world' and believe they are 'right' it is best to approach people by accepting their 'reality' and seeking first to understand them.

9#“ The person with the most flexibility has the best chance of success”.

The belief that the more ways you have of trying to achieve a goal the more likely you are to succeed against those with less options.

Why is this list vital to help you achieve your goals?

Here are the main reasons:-

  • These are the fundamental common beliefs of those who have already succeeded. The route to success is not unique. Someone somewhere has already achieved what it is you want to achieve and you will get there a lot faster by following their thinking.
  • Without the first three beliefs - “It's possible”, “I want this” and “I deserve this” - you simply won't achieve your goals. Research indicates these beliefs are fundamental to success.
  • Your emotional journey will be a lot easier – simply believing that failures are feedback for example guides you to look for the lesson rather than feeling down and dejected.
  • You will create stronger relationships and value other people more along your pathway to success. They in turn will help you succeed faster.( “Every person is unique”).
  • You will find the resources and motivation you need to keep going until you have finally reached your goal.(“There is a solution to every problem”).
  • You will constantly want to develop your skill set and improve and change what you do .(“The person with the most flexibility has the best chance of success).
  • You will approach others you meet on your journey to success with an attitude of curiousity rather than that of judgement and make more progress as a result.(“Behind every behaviour there is a positive intention”).

Here's The Next Step To Take:

1. Apply the top four affirmations to your own goals.

2. Say the top four in this list of affirmations to yourself everyday so that you really begin to take these new ways of thinking on board.

3. Love this list of affirmations as they will serve you well in life...

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