9 Powerful Self Motivation Tips

How To Keep Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

9 powerful and effective self motivation tips.

It's essential you have a number of ways to keep yourself feeling upbeat and motivated as you take action to achieve your goals.

You may encounter problems, feel challenged, even want to give up at times - struggling, unfortunately, can be a natural part of the process of achieving goals.

If you are in need of motivation the following are all effective but easy ways to get you feeling positive again and back on track.


1. Keep focussed on your goal

Focus on your goal, irrespective of what is happening to you.

There are three very powerful ways you can do this:-

  • Create your own

    vision board - a colourful collage of pictures representing all your goals.

  • Create and say goal affirmations ,- sentences that summarise what you want in the language your unconscious mind needs to hear to help you get there!
  • Create your very own mind movie ,- a colourful live movie, featuring the exact pictures and words that represent your goals. You can even select your own inspiring background music.

Look at your vision board or mind movie and say your goal affirmations regularly.

2. Play fabulous music and feel good songs

Play your favourite music. There's nothing like music to shift your mood in an instant.

You'll know which songs you love but if you need a little help here are 70 terrific suggestions!

feel good songs.

3. Listen to inspiring speeches

There are truly amazing people living in this world of ours right now and video technology allows them to speak to us inside our very own living rooms.

Take time out. Sit down at your computer and listen to the wisdom of others.

Here's a few awesome inspiring speeches to start you off.

4. Read inspiring poems

You can completely change how you feel in minutes when you read uplifting poetry.

There are hundreds of truly wonderful poems - ancient and contemporary to choose from.

To start you off here are a few inspiring poems in my collection.

5. Watch motivational movies

Watching movies transports us to another world.

In many instances a world of 'can do', 'will never give up' and defeating what seems to be 'the impossible'.

If you are going to take the time to relax and enjoy a movie you may as well also use that time to boost your own motivation.

Here are some of my all time, most uplifting

motivational movies

6. Say positive affirmations

It takes just one second to switch from telling yourself 'I can't do this' to telling yourself 'I can and I will'.

Affirming the positive will always be better both in the short and long run.

Here are two easy ways you can do this:

Firstly create goal affirmations, have them to hand and regularly say them to yourself - whatever they may be. For example:

" I am earning $100,000 a year from my dog training website" or

" I am weighing X kg and walking for 30 minutes, 3 times a week"

Secondly, there are a number of beliefs that research has shown high performers share. You may want to take these

positive affirmations say them to yourself and adopt them entirely .

By adopting the beliefs of high achievers you are also more likely to experience the benefits.

7. Look at motivational posters

If a picture says a thousand words then let it do the talking!

Here is a great source of

motivational posters. There are literally thousands of posters available.

First decide what it is that you need to have 'more of' in order that you can keep on track to achieving your goal.

Is it more determination, more courage, more self belief...

Then choose the poster which appeals to you the most.

If you do decide to buy it, make sure you place it somewhere that you or your team will see it regularly.

9. Read inspiring bible verses

Open any bible and in minutes you will find a gazillion inspiring stories and words of wisdom.

This is probably the most talked about self motivation tip of all!

To start you off , here are a few of

my favourites.

So now you know my 9 favourite self- motivation tools.

If you apply them you will be well on your way to achieving success.

Self motivation tips..self motivation tips...I love them!

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