Words of Affirmation

For wealth, for health, for success...

Words of affirmation

If you are looking for words of affirmation to help you achieve your goals you will find many examples here.

Bear in mind though, although once popular, I think the idea of repeating these over and over again to yourself is no longer the way to go!

That said, here are some

1. Affirmations for abundance and prosperity-wealth affirmations.

2. Affirmations for success.

3. Daily positive affirmations for self esteem.

4. Weight Loss affirmations.

5. Affirmations to quit smoking.

1. WEALTH AFFIRMATIONS - for abundance and prosperity,

Here are the three fundamental affirmations to achieve wealth:

  • I want to be even more abundant and prosperous in my life.

  • I can be even more abundant and prosperous.

  • I deserve to be even more abundant and prosperous.

Here are some additional positive affirmations to help you achieve wealth:

  • I am so thankful for the great wealth that is in my life right now and for all that is to come.

  • I create unlimited wealth easily and happily.

  • I am a vehicle for great wealth and I use my wealth to improve the world around me.

  • I am abundant and wealthy now and I love every minute of it.

  • I love money and money loves me!

  • Everything I look for is now looking for me.

  • I am free to do all that I love and all that is good.

  • It is obvious how abundant and blessed I am.

  • My life is truly blessed.


Here are the three fundamental affirmations to achieve success:

  • I want to be even more successful in my life right now.

  • I can be even more successful.

  • I deserve to be even more successful.

Here are some additional affirmations to help you achieve success:

  • I am already successful and extremely thankful for all the successes I have had in my life.

  • I know what I want and have clear and motivating goals.

  • I see opportunities for success everywhere.

  • I am highly self motivated and action oriented.

  • I am organised. I do whatever it takes to be successful for the greater good.

  • I never give up. When life gives me lemons I make lemonade.

  • I delight in all success, no matter how small, my own and that of others.

  • It is obvious that I am successful.

  • People now ask me to help them be successful too.


Here are the three fundamental affirmations to achieve high self esteem:

  • I want to have even more self esteem.

  • I can have masses of self esteem.

  • I deserve to have tons of self esteem.

Here are some additional positive self affirmations to help you achieve high self esteem:

  • My high self esteem is visible for all to see.

  • I trust myself to say and do exactly what is called for.

  • I am powerful and happy.

  • I am full of self confidence.

  • I approve of myself – no-one else needs to.

  • Others can see how confident I now am.

  • I love myself. I am happy with who I am.


Here are the three fundamental affirmations to achieve weight loss:

  • want to lose weight.

  • I can lose weight.

  • I deserve to lose weight.

Here are some additional affirmations to help you lose weight:

  • I enjoy healthy foods.

  • I eat healthy foods at snack and meal times.

  • I love to exercise.

  • I exercise several times a week.

  • I can now fit into size X clothes.

  • I look great and I feel terrific.

  • People who know me are congratulating me on my weight loss.

  • I am proud of the way I now look and my new weight.

  • It is easy now to maintain the weight of my dreams.


Here are the three fundamental affirmations to quit smoking:

  • I want to quit smoking.

  • I can quit smoking.

  • I deserve to quit smoking.

Here are some additional affirmations to help you quit smoking:

  • I am a non smoker and I enjoy being a non smoker.

  • I always refuse cigarettes now and this is easy for me to do.

  • I now value and look after my health.

  • I am happy and healthy.

  • I cherish fresh air and healthy cells.

  • I am an inspirations to many smokers and I am always willing to help them give up too.

All the words that we use to describe ourselves on any occasion are essentially words of affirmation - words affirming our reality.

These words can be both positive or negative. The words we choose to use are so powerful they can become our reality.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, make a habit of repeating positive affirmations to yourself, both borrowed or of your own making.

Get yourself a pen and paper and write down what it is that you would like to be experiencing in the areas of abundance, prosperity,success, self esteem , weight loss, whatever...

These words of affirmation will be your own.

Add these to the above, or any other positive affirmations you choose, and you will be well on your way to drenching your subconscious with clear messages about your goals!

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