Self Defeating Beliefs

What are self defeating beliefs?

What are the implications of having them?

How can you get rid of them?


Simply put, self limiting beliefs are beliefs that you hold that limit your behaviour in some way.

The beliefs may be about yourself. They may also be about someone else or indeed a group of people. In fact they may be about many different things including life as a whole!

Here are some typical self defeating beliefs:

Beliefs about yourself:

I am not clever enough...

I am not good enough...

I am not interesting enough...

I just cant...

I never succeed...

I'm too young, too old..

I always give up...

No matter what I do it never works...

Beliefs about others:

He is difficult to talk to...

She is only interested in herself...

They just don't care...

Beliefs about things: eg your job, the city you live in...

My job is boring...

My city is dangerous...

All encompassing beliefs:

Everyone says X so they must be right...

Life is the pits...

Recognise any of the above? You may be personally familiar with one or two of these!

In fact all the beliefs you hold in your head are either empowering positive beliefs OR like those above disempowering, self limiting negative beliefs.

You will hear the limiting self beliefs you have in your self talk (your inner dialogue, your thoughts..). You will also hear them when you talk out loud.


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