Business Goals Setting & More

Achieve Business Goals Faster

How To Radically Boost Productivity & Goal Achievement

Is your business 'goals driven' at EVERY level, top to bottom?

Are you or your colleagues achieving as much as you know you could right now?

Do you or your colleagues know how to employ state of the art research on goal accomplishment to significantly increase your likelyhood of success?

If your answer to the above is 'No' then read on.

What You Will Learn At This Workshop.

You will learn:-

  • The five step G.O.A.L.S process that underlies ALL goal achievement.
  • Why S.M.A.R.T goals may not be the whole story.
  • Questions to ask yourself to reduce your risk of failure in any project right at the outset.
  • The S.m.a.r.t.e.s.t. Goals Formula - the fastest and most effective way to think through any important goal AND to save yourself a pile of time, and money in the process.
  • How to ensure your emotions support you achieving your goals.
  • 5 ways to improve your goal focus, your productivity and your effectiveness every single day.
  • The single most important piece of the goals jigsaw that you MUST have to achieve success.
  • Proven goal accomplishment strategies you can easily apply at work today.

  • What you will need to bring along.

    3 to 5 business goals you are currently working on.

    Any new goals you may have in mind.

    How long is the course?

    The Workshop will start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm.

    What is the investment?

    The course will cost 195 euro.

    (Small business owners may benefit from a discount).

    If you would like to run a company programme please contact me.

    How do I make an enquiry or contact you directly?

    For further information:

    email me directly.

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    What People Are Saying:

    "I would have told you I had clear goals, but as a result of the tools I saw they were not nearly as tight as they need to be if I want to quickly build my dreams".

    E. Alana James

    Founder - Doctoral Academy

    I would highly recommend this process to think through any task that is important to you but may seem unattainable."

    Myriam Cronin
    Gateway Incubation Centre
    University College Cork

    "The discipline of working through the steps and key questions in the Smartest Goals process brings exceptional clarity and focus allowing me to achieve much more in a shorter time than I hertofore thought possible.

    I would highly recommend this approach to anyone who wishes to achieve their dreams."

    Helen O’Dowd
    Virginia Health Foods

    "I am delighted with My Smartest Goal!

    I was at a bit of a crossroads in my business and I found the entire process most helpful, insightful, and inspirational!"

    Fiona Foley- Gaffney
    Colour Me Beautiful