How To Be Healthy

The Eye Opening Health Questionnaire Everyone Should Take.

How to be Healthy?

It's hard to set yourself health goals if you do not have some picture of your health as it is today. Take this questionnaire. It's a great place to start.***

Here's what you're about to learn:

  • THREE QUESTIONS you must ask yourself to improve your health and to start today to do something about it.
  • WHAT it is that UNIQUELY stops YOU achieving full health.

OK, these are the top three questions YOU must think about if you want to know how to be healthy from this day on.

Q1):How healthy are you right now?

Q2):How healthy would you like to be?

Q3):How can you improve your health?

To get maximum benefit from these questions you may want to get yourself a pen and paper RIGHT NOW! If you want to know how to be healthy you must start by taking time out to think about it first!

Question 1. How healthy are you right now?

It is best to answer this question by thinking about your life as it currently stands and asking yourself 'how do you know you are not as healthy as you'd like to be'!

To determine 'how healthy am I right now' write your answers to the following questions:

A. What, if any, PHYSICAL SIGNS of ill health do you have?

For Example:-

Sugar cravings?
Joint pains?
Tired a lot?
Tired on waking?
Indigestion, gas?
Digestive problems?
Constant colds or flu?
Recurring infections?
Suffering from obvious physical ailments eg Skin eruptions?
Suffering from a specific disease,eg arthritis, IBS?
On prescription drugs , short or long-term?
Ageing early?
Difficult menopause?
Lack of sex drive?
Difficulty getting to sleep?
Cry a lot?

B.What if any, are the EMOTIONAL SIGNS?

For Example:-

Suffering from depression?
Mood swings?
Feeling Apathetic?
Getting Panic attacks?
Feeling Guilty?
Poor memory?
Over eating?
Difficulty relaxing?
Overcome with grief?
Experiencing male midlife crisis?
Experiencing female midlife crisis?
Worrying endlessly about a specific problem?
Constantly worrying how to be healthy?

C.What ENVIRONMENTS do you regularly put yourself into that are preventing you attaining maximum health?

For Example:-

Fast food restaurants?
Fish and chip shops?
Sweetie shops?
Ice cream parlours?
A smokers home
The bakers?
Your workplace?
Live or work near electricity pylons, a nuclear power plant or mobile phone masts?

D.What is it that you DO that prevents you from attaining maximum health?

For Example:-

Eat junk food e.g. cakes, sweets, crisps, ice creams...?
Fill fridge and kitchen cupboards with junk food?
Smoke? Drink lots of acidic drinks such as coffee, black tea, fizzy drinks...?
Drink alcohol?
Do drugs?
Laze around?
Do little exercise?
Live under constant stress?
Try to do too much?
Use a microwave to cook?
Look after your kids, your elderly parents, everyone but yourself?

E.What BELIEFS do you have in your head about your health that prevent you from attaining maximum health?

For Example:-

"I always catch everything going.."
"I haven't been healthy for years"
"I don't know how to be healthy"
"The doctor said this is incurable..."
. "I always have health challenges"
"Life is..."(something negative)
"I can't afford to be healthy"

F.WHO do you think of yourself as being?

Someone who is healthy?
Someone who is not healthy?
Someone who is only sometimes healthy?
Someone who does not know how to be healthy?

Write down your answers to all of these questions. When you have finished you should have a full picture of your current state of health as far as you know it.

Congratulations-well done! You have come a long way.You have identified the unique signs of your own physical and emotional health.

You know the things you are doing ie your behaviours, that stop you being healthy.

You know the environments you put yourself into that do not support your health.

You know the non useful negative beliefs you hold in your head that are holding you back from knowing how to be healthy.

You also have an overall sense of whether you consider yourself a healthy person or not.

Everything you have now written down is unique to you and is what has been stopping you from attaining maximum health.

Now that you understand that let's leap forward and take a look at what it is that you would prefer.

Question 2. How healthy would you like to be?

Keep your pen and paper! You will need it.

Now set aside time to think about how you would like your health to be in the future.

To do this you will need to answer each of the smaller questions below.

As for Question 1, taken together, these smaller questions will stretch your thinking and will make your overall answer to question 2 much more robust.

A. What is the VISION you have for your OWN health - what would you really like to achieve? (It's okay to dream)!

For Example:-

Be 100% disease free
Have boundless energy
A fit, toned body
Maintain a certain healthy weight
A certain healthy body fat percentage
A healthy pulse rate
A certain blood sugar level
A healthy blood pressure

B.WHO must you think of yourself as being, in order to attain this vision for your health?

(I think it is easiest to think of a memorable metaphor for yourself here - one you will remember daily and that will inspire you for a long time)

For Example:-

A role model of possibility
A convert to health and vitality
A powerhouse
A fountain of energy

C.What positive BELIEFS will you need to keep in your head, in order to attain this vision for your health?

For Example:-

I want to be healthy
I must be healthy
I can be healthy
I will learn how to be healthy
If x can do this so can I

D.What is it that you must DO, to attain this vision for your health?

For Example:-

Work out at a gym?
Take up a new sport - takewondo, karate,running etc?
Learn to relax through yoga, meditation, aromatherapy,etc?
Stop buying junk food
Eat healthy breakfast foods, healthy dinners, healthy snacks?
Drink lots more water?
Go on a healthy diet?
Draw up a healthy food list?
Read books on how to be healthy
Be informed about your illness?
Avoid unhealthy acid producing food

E.What NEW SKILLS must you learn, in order to attain this vision for your health?

For Example:-

Weight lifting, takewondo,karate, running etc
Yoga, meditation, etc

F.What ENVIRONMENTS must you put yourself into, so that you can attain maximum health?

For example:-

The local gym?
Juice bars?
Salad bars?
Sport & Leisure arenas?
Walking trails?
Swimming Pool?
Yoga classes?
The food section of the local library?

When you have completed all these questions well done!

You will now have a much clearer picture of what you want your health to be like in the future.

Question 3 is all about what steps you will take in order to achieve this vision!

Question 3. How can you improve your health?

To answer this question I want you to re-read your answers to questions 1 and 2. There is much valuable information there.

Once you have read your answers again, answer each of the following questions.

A. How will you keep your VISION for your health foremost in mind every day?

For Example

Write your vision on a piece of paper that you will see every day
Visualise it before you get out of bed in the morning
Create a vision board – a collage of pictures representing exactly what you want to achieve.

B. How will you remind yourself of what you must BELIEVE every day?

For Example:-

Write my new beliefs down on a piece of paper and stick near the bathroom mirror
Write them down and pop them into my wallet
Affirm them - say them 10 times a day to myself

C. What are the top two new SKILLS you will take action to learn this week?

For Example:-

Learn to juice
Learn to do a 'healthy weekly shop'
Learn how to be healthy by buying new and different books

D.What are the three most important things you could DO this week to begin to "do healthy"?

For Example:- Find a role model for healthy eating, weight loss etc - someone who has been there and who can help you
Buy a pair of trainers
Commit to going for a walk three times a week

E. What one ENVIRONMENT can you pledge to put yourself into this week?

For example:-

A Gym - even if it is just to have a look at what goes on there and start to save
A juice bar
The doctors surgery - sometimes things just need a professional look

Congratulations! You now have a clear picture of how to be healthy, for yourself! You should now also have a set of action steps that will get you there. Now you just need to do them!

Ask yourself these questions every week and develop a weekly set of action steps that you can take.Be clear on what you want, take action,revise your action if necessary. Keep going until you feel as healthy as you want to be!

***Always talk to your doctor first to get a medical assessment of your health and what you need to do about it.The questionnaire above is not written by a medical expert and is intended simply to help you start thinking about the importance of health and the importance of setting health goals. Always, always, seek the advice of a trained health professionals before you make any changes to your health routines.

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