How To Manage Time Better To Achieve Your Goals

9 Powerful Methods To Choose From

Too many things to remember? Feeling disorganised? Wondering how to manage time better?

I will never claim to be the most organised person in the world. Why would I? I don't want that title and never have.

What I do want however, is to be successful at whatever goal or goals I am choosing to focus on.

Once YOU have decided what your goals are, do you know what is the most important step you can take next?

It's this.

Decide on a METHOD that will enable you to plan what you want to achieve and take action.

In other words, set up a reliable system to write down or record what you intend or need to do, today and everyday.

Then, when you follow through, you will make HUGE progress on your goals.

Here are the nine best ways I know of, to help you do this.

Nine Powerful Options

OFFLINE - ie using paper and a pen!

1).Paper and a Pen

If your life is relatively straightforward, all you may need is a little notebook or diary that you can carry around with you to write lists and jot down what you intend to do.

Sounds simple, but pre the computer age this was the way most highly effective people organised themselves and it is still works today.

2).Goal Planner Sheets

If you just want to keep it simple use goal planning sheets.

Here are FREE planners which I have created and use.

Write out your annual goals, then break them down into what you want to achieve each quarter, in the next three months, next month, and next week.

I also suggest having a seperate page where you can record 'everything' that you need to remember to do, much of which may not be related to your goals at all.

3).Time Systems

The most popular paper based time systems are:

I first started using Time Manager in the 1980's and moved onto Time System in the 1990's. Many of my friends have used Filofaxs and loved them. All three systems have been around for years and are THE state of the art, paper based, personal organisers. I recommend them all highly.

In terms of how to manage time better, there are also a number of extremely effective online methods you can use.

ONLINE - ie using your pc, laptop, smart phone etc


If you have an apple mac, 'Things' is one of their most popular and most loved organising apps.

6).Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a very attractive and popular online software that is simple to use. The only downside I can see is that you have to pay for it. That said, many do!


Toodledo is much less visually attractive than 'Remember The Milk' but a highly effective way of organising yourself online. It's loved by many and much of it is completely free!

Of course you can pay for an upgrade... but only if you decide that you really need to.

8).Goals On Track AND

9).Best Year Yet

Goals On Track and Best Year Yet are, in my opinion, the best 'time management' methods online specifically created to enable you to manage your goals.

Both of these goal management software packages have raving reviews. Despite the fact that there is a small fee both are well worth considering.

My personal preference would be 'Goals On Track'.

Here's What To Do Next

So now you know how to manage time better,simply decide which method you are going to use right now, set it up and get going!

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