Get Them Out Of Your Life!

Recently, after nearly three years in our new home, we added a fresh supply of gravel to our driveway. The driveway suddenly went from looking bare and patchy to looking brand new again. It was worth every penny.

For weeks, I drove my car proudly up and down the drive. What a difference the gravel made to the eye. It was a joy to see.

Then some weeds began to pop through. It was only a few at first. Then more, and more again. Each day I told myself I'd pick out the weeds – later. I never seemed to have enough time, so the weeds just grew in number.
I was always busy. Going out somewhere. Coming back from somewhere.

But what was most annoying was the fact that I noticed those weeds on EVERY trip - 30 times a week,at least.

It soon became exasperating. Every time I saw them I felt bad.

I felt bad at least thirty times a week.In fact I was feeling bad thirty times a week over just ONE thing in my life.... God knows how many more there were right then.

If you truly want to be your best and set wonderful goals for your life you must first tackle what we call your 'incompletions'. I came across the concept of 'incompletions' through Insight Seminars back in 1990 and I have been grateful for it ever since! They are now a popular concept taught by other personal development teachers now too.

Incompletions are generally not fun, exciting, tasks you look forward to doing.

Instead, they are the things that you've been telling yourself, or telling someone else, you would do for a long time, BUT which still remain undone.

Here are some more examples:

  • At Work: Meetings to arrange, reports to finish, papers to file, desk to tidy….
  • At Home: Cupboards to clear, things to clean or repair, decorating to finish, weeding...
  • Your Clothes: Clothes to mend/ throw out/ pass on/ buy…
  • Your Money: Bills to pay, forms to fill in, money to give/collect, visit to the bank manager, pension to update, savings to initiate…
  • Your Health: Vitamins to buy, dentist to visit, eyes to be checked, gym to be joined.
  • The People In Your Life: Letters to send, calls to make, friends to meet…

Have you got a few "incompletions" in your life right now? I bet!

It's important to tackle your incompletions immediately.

Dealing with your "incompletions" releases positive energy. The more positive energy you have, the greater you'll feel. And the greater you feel, the easier it will be to take action on your goals and invest time in what is truly important to you to you.

Here's What To Do Next

Step 1. Take out your A4 notebook, smart phone, laptop or whatever you are using to write your notes.

Take a new page and write the title 'Incompletions' at the top.

Step 2. Now write a list of all the things you can think of, that you have been promising yourself you will do but haven't yet done.

(I am not talking about big goals here, just practical stuff that is still hanging around in your life - unfinished).

Step 3. Now add any things you have been promising other people you would do, but haven't yet done.

Finally finished? How does it feel to get that off your chest?

Step 4. Now it's time to start to tackle your list.

First, go through the entire list and see if there are any items that, if you are really honest, you are just NEVER going to do! If so, DELETE them by striking them off .

(It's okay to give yourself permission not to do something. Deciding not to ever do something is a valid option and will bring you a great sense of relief!)

Step 5. Next go through your list and write the word DELEGATE beside any action that you could and WILL delegate to someone else.

Also write down beside that item the name of the person you WILL now delegate this task to.

You may decide your partner can sort out the summer vacation or, your son can clean the car, for example.

Delegate these actions to these people today, or as soon as you can.

Step 6. Look at the remaining items on your list. You should only have the “incompletions" that you fully intend to complete. So, these tasks are on your list by choice.  

Now draw an * asterisk * beside the five incompetions that will give you the greatest satisfaction and relief to complete.

Some of these might be quite time consuming, for example unpacking the remaining boxes from your house-move two years ago.

In this case simply break them down into several smaller tasks and decide which to do first.

Step 7. Now beside each of your top five "still to do's'" write down the date you promise yourself you will have completed them by.

Step 8. Get going! Before you move on to the next step in this program take at least one step on each of your top five incompletions.

Do as many of the other incompletions on your list too. This may take a couple of days and that’s fine.

Work on ensuring all your incompletions get done as a matter of urgency.

Your incompletions have been a MAJOR drain on your energy. Don't allow this to continue.

When you have completed these 'leftovers' your batteries will be recharged and you'll be in a far healthier position to really focus on creating what you want in life.

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