Learning Time Management Skills

Learn To Manage Your Time To Achieve Your Goals

A key part of achieving any goal in life involves learning time management skills.

But why is time management important?

Here is the first in a series of time management stories from which, not only will you learn the answer, but you will also learn exactly what step you must take next!

1). Charles M. Schwab and Bethlehem Steel

Many of you will have heard of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, one of the biggest independent steel producers in the world.

Charles M. Schwab was its' president and Ivy Lee, was the consultant he appointed to improve his own personal effectiveness.

When they first met, Schwab requested that Ivy Lee show him how to get more things done with his time.

He also agreed to remunerate him 'within reason' if his time management tips proved effective.

Shortly after, Lee responded by giving Schwab a piece of paper with this plan.

"Write down the most important tasks you have to do tomorrow.

Number them in order of importance.

When you arrive in the morning, begin at once on number one and stay on it until it is completed.

Recheck your priorities, then begin with number two, then number three.

Make this a habit every working day.

Pass it on to those under you. Try it as long as you like, then send me your cheque for what you think it's worth".

Several weeks later Schwab sent Ivy Lee a cheque for $25,000.

Why so much?

Because, he said, it was the most profitable lesson he had ever learned.

Within five years of that lesson, Bethlehem Steel Corporation had become the biggest independant steel producer in the world.

Here's What You Can Do Next

Immediately apply Ivy Lee's lesson on time management and success to your own life!

Write down the most important steps you must take tomorrow, to achieve your big goal (or goals).

Now prioritise those steps by assigning a number to them.

Begin with number one, constantly review your priorities and follow through 100%.

That's all!

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